2021 Chinese Enterprise Digital Security Construction White Paper

2021-07-06 1902

After days of intense competition, 11 Yue days, millions of dollars in prize money and the awards ' ' Tianfu Cup ' 2020 international competition and network security 2020 Tianfu International Security Forum unofficially crowned the closing ceremony. 34 internationally renowned participating teams presented a wonderful network security technology feast.


This event was organized by Baidu Security, Alibaba, 360 Group, Qi'anxin Group, Tsinghua University Network Science and Cyberspace Research Institute, Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, AsiaInfo Security, Yongxin Zhicheng, Chengdu Tiantou Group, China Net Security, Talent Technology Group, the green League and Technology Group, Venus, Hengxin interest rates, families, the four-leaf grass security sponsored industrial development of information security industry alliance Sentinel and Sichuan information Technology Co., Ltd. hosted.


Millions of dollars are divided up

At the closing ceremony, the host announced a number of heavyweight awards that attracted attention from all quarters. Among them, the first prize, second prize, and third prize of the Best Product Cracking Award were won by the "360 Government and Enterprise Security Vulnerability Institute Ant Security Lightyear Laboratory Basic Research Group and Fat , Ant Security. The iPhone11pro+ios14 project cracked by the Basic Research Group of Lightyear Lab won the Most Valuable Product Cracking Award, TQL won the Best Vulnerability Demonstration Award, Wuying Security Lab won the Best Vulnerability Reproduction Award, and NSFOCUS Gewu Lab Software Group Won the winning prize of the system cracking contest .



The team members who can participate in this level of competition are all masters, and some links are cracked in a few seconds, which is really amazing. However, even though the masters are around, we can still get the awards, and I am very excited. An award-winning team member Say.


According to the organizer, a total of 41 projects were registered for the original vulnerability demonstration and recurrence contest of this competition . 20 outstanding projects selected by the referee team were finally shortlisted, including NETGEAR , door lock cracking, QEMU Apache popular plug-in, car remote and other project cracking technologies The level has reached international standards.


It is understood that the international competition platform built by the Tianfu Cup International Cyber Security Competition aims to provide cyber security technicians with an opportunity to communicate and learn from each other, improve their actual combat capabilities during discussions, and promote the healthy and rapid development of the cyber security industry.

The picture shows the referee representative Zheng Wenbin


Referee representatives Zheng Wenbin said the past three years, in the contest to break the actual number of items and the number of participating teams increased year by year, 2020 Nian Tianfu Cup network security contest attracted 34 Zhi and strength of participating teams, the total hit a new high, and nearly 90 percent per year New faces. It is worth noting that this competition achieved the world's first breakthrough in multiple projects such as Apple 11+ios14.2 , Google Chrome, and Docker .

"1+7" main sub-forums advance in parallel, leading the new trend of the industry


While cyber security experts won the award, the "2020 Tianfu International Cyber Security Summit Forum held at the same time also came to a successful conclusion.

Nearly a thousand people from the central and local cybersecurity authorities, academicians, industry leaders, and representatives of internationally renowned companies took the opportunity to exchange views and collide. A theme topic of Digital Driven Development, Security Guarding the Future shocked the main forum of the summit forum, and sub-forums focused on AI security, protection of critical infrastructure, network security personnel training, practical security operation and construction, and actual combat perspectives Vulnerability attack and defense game and other hot topics in the industry nowadays.


Cyber security talents need innovative and entrepreneurial talents. They must not only possess offensive and defensive technical capabilities, practical skills, but also theoretical knowledge reserves, innovative thinking and entrepreneurial initiative. " A number of representatives from scientific research universities said in the network security talent training sub- forum .

In the Critical Infrastructure Protection Sub- forum, the guests discussed the current development status of cybersecurity critical infrastructure protection in terms of technology, services, laws and regulations, and suggested speeding up the establishment of monitoring and early warning systems, information notification mechanisms, information sharing mechanisms, Supporting systems such as emergency collaboration and spot checks, testing and evaluation, have further promoted the development of the industry.

In the AI security sub-forum, artificial intelligence empowering network security has become a hot topic. Experts say that in the AI era, people enjoy the convenience and intelligence it brings, but security issues cannot be ignored. All walks of life need to work together to strengthen network security protection capabilities and make suggestions.

Peng Jixian


Peng Jixian, deputy general manager of Chengdu Tiantou Group, said at the closing ceremony that the Tianfu Cup " 2020 International Cyber Security Competition and Summit Forum has been successfully held for the third time. The international and domestic influence continues to expand, and it has become a platform for industry exchanges and results. An important platform has become an important starting point for promoting the high-quality development of the network security industry and the deployment of the network industry in Tianfu New District. Finally, following the salty Peng issued a call to the global network security expert, "2021 years, we gather once again, Chengdu .



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