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International Cybersecurity Contest

With the target of gradually creating China’s own “Pwn2Own”, Tianfu Cup International PWN Contest will have three independent and parallel events: the original vulnerability demonstration and recurrence contest, the product Contest, and the system Contest. All teams are required to use original vulnerabilities to hack the given subject. The total bonus of the contest will reach up to 1 million US dollars in a bid to deliver a feast of cyber security technologies.

Competition Forum

TFC 2022 International Cyber Security Summit Forum

The International Cybersecurity Summit will focus on the hot areas of cybersecurity technology, inviting top technical experts and industry experts from home and abroad to share the most cutting-edge international technology issues, as well as summarising the achievements of this year's Tianfu Cup International Cybersecurity Competition, commending the winning teams, and releasing the "Top 20 Most Valuable Security Researchers in the World" list and various lists for vendors at the forum.TFC International Cyber Security Summit is based in Southwest China and radiates nationwide. It aims to build the most professional international cyber security event in southwest China and promote the high-quality development of China's cyber security industry.


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Registration Contact: Teacher Wang
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